We Will Help You Install and Learn How to Use WordPress

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Need one-to-one assistance with installing WordPress?   Schedule an online assisted install using our online option or call a customer care counselor for assistance. 
You can also email customer care at wpclasses@facesofmoney.com to schedule a WordPress installation. A customer care counselor will contact you to schedule your session. Online WordPress trainings are held via WebEx.

We offer free assistance with using WordPress to build your website.  No sign-up necessary. Classes are offered on a first-come-first-served basis at no cost to you ( $120 value-limited number of seats available). Use the Join Meeting link to attend the class scheduled for February 24, 2019, at 3 pm. The Online WordPress training is held via WebEx. The free WordPress class is a two-hour class but may dismiss earlier. You may join (if seats are available) up until 3:30 am and leave at anytime.

Need one-to-one assistance with how to use WordPress to build your website?  One-to-one and whole group instruction sessions are available.   Schedule your online WordPress class today and learn with others ready to unlock the power of WordPress.  Online WordPress trainings are held via WebEx. Session log-in information will be emailed to you. One-to-one sessions are scheduled directly with interested clients. Please email customer care at wpclasses@facesofmoney.com to schedule a session or purchase the service online and a customer care counselor will contact you to schedule your session. Clients interested in attending a group session please visit our catalog page to enroll.

Contact  a Faces-of-Money WordPress Counselor: 
Wednesday – Friday
2:00 pm – 6:00 pm
8:00 am – 10:00 pm (Available for assistance with joining classes only)
(919) 579 – 4676
Email us anytime at installwp@facesofmoney.com 

Register for your course now. 

Course Textbook
The course textbook is WordPress: All-In-One, written by Lisa Sabin-Wilson.  Lisa’s book is a great resource for building websites using the WordPress platform.  Click the link below to purchase the book from Amazon.  If you decide not to enroll in our free class, the book is still a good resource for you to reference as you build your site.  Buy your copy now and join millions of other designers using WordPress to build incredible websites.

Individual Online Training / 5 hr class /
1 client per session
Online Group Instruction / 5 hr class/ 45 seats per session$20
Free Online Group Instruction / 5 hr class /
20 seats per session
WordPress Group Install/ 20 seats per session$10
WordPress Individual Install/ 30 minutes/ 1 client per

Other helpful books you may want to try.

Helpful Videos:

Depending on your hosting company, the installation of WordPress varies.  

For more advanced installers.

Debugging WordPress

WordPress Help Guide:

How To Install WordPress: The Complete WordPress Installation Guide by WP Kube

Contact  a Faces-of-Money WordPress Care Counselor: 
(740) 860-0855