Let Your Money Talk for You

The holiday shopping season is upon us.  As you rush to the stores to buy holiday gifts, keep in mind that you are making a statement with each dollar that you spend.  The company behind the product is also making a statement.  What will your response be?  I wish to share a story with you.  I was having chest pains last month.  I called my general care doctor to schedule an appointment.  Unfortunately for me, my insurance card had expired for the year. The receptionist and the primary care office told me as much.  I was given instructions as to what to do to make my appointment.  My options were, have my health insurance company fax the current insurance card to the office, or schedule an appointment for another day.  Very strong message.  The receptionist asked me what I was going to do.  I told her that I would call back, not intending to call back at all.  But logic took over emotional response.  I called my health insurance company and had them fax the new card, which had not yet been printed because open enrollment was just ending.  I went to my primary care doctor.  I was admitted to the hospital for having a heart attack.  While I was in the hospital the same receptionist from the primary care office called me to schedule a follow-up visit.  My response was simply, “you have communicated to me by your actions that a piece of paper is more important to your company than my life. I cannot patronize a company that feels that way about me.”  Highlight of the story, I was not having a heart attack.  Which is good news because I am in the market for a doctor. 

Now, back to your holiday shopping.  What messages are being communicated to you, not by words, but by company actions?  Men and woman of all beliefs, religions, ethnicities, and values; I ask how much the companies values you beyond your dollar. If you are happy with the messages, patronize them.  If you are not happy with them, why continue to increase the company’s bottom-line with your money.  Remember, it is easy for a company to treat you like a customer, yes sir, yes ma’am, how can I help you, pay here.  It is another thing, and an easy thing, to share the wealth earned with the client base through employment and leadership opportunities.  Below are links to online content published about different companies.  I focused on some of the more popular companies.  I leave any interpretation of messages to you. 

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The above examples are randomly selected companies based on popularity. 

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