Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton are Feuding.

The “Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton” feud.  These two faces of money represent the very promise of what wealth offers. First, let me say, prior to researching Meghan’s and Kate’s relationship, the extent of my awareness of their daily lives was that Prince Harry is engaged to an American actress, and Prince William married Kate and now the two of them have three children.  I follow the Queen, and I loved Diana – of course.  Diana’s story was indeed a Disney story.  Her story ended tragically, and I don’t think that I am over her death.   I’ve watched Diana’s children grow up, marry, and now they have their own families. I love the boys like I loved their mother.

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What is being reported in the news seems to be more about the media selling papers, internet ads, and given the Facebook community something to gossip about.  The royal family is no stranger to scandal.  Since William the Conqueror was declared King of England in 1066 there has been a scandal associated with the Royal family.  Fergie was photographed with her toes in the mouth of a Texan financial advisor wearing a bikini and kissing (Sullivan, 2018).  There are stories of a love child in the royal family’s history, affairs leading to divorce, and members of the royal family giving up their birthright in the name of love (Sullivan, 2018).  Even my favorite, Diana, was involved in a public nightmare regarding her marriage. 

All this is to say that what is happening between the Duchesses is small when compared to what has transpired in the past.   The rumors of a royal feud are flying and selling.  Kate is portrayed as the calm one having to help Megan adjust to being a royal.  The media is labeling Megan as a firecracker.  Megan is making it very easy for them to do so.  She dresses differently.  She acts differently.  She is American. And she looks different, which is not her fault, but it does put her in a position that Kate, nor any other Duchess before Megan has had to face before.  I remember a yahoo comment posted after the announcement of Prince Harry’s and Megan’s engagement.  “The royal bloodline will forever be tainted.”  I would dare say that the union of Prince Harry and Megan Markle has increased the interest levels about the royal family to levels that have not been seen since Princess Diana.  The attention even surpasses Barack Obama becoming President of the United States of America. “When I first came into office, the head of the Senate Republicans said, ‘my number one priority is making sure president Obama’s a one-term president’,” President Obama said in an interview, (Kessler, 2012).  What Obama’s successful run for the White House symbolized is the same thing that Megan’s marriage to Prince Harry symbolizes.  Not everyone is happy about what the union represents.  Not everyone is unhappy about it.  There are two sides of the opinion-fence and the media knows it.  So, increase profits by playing on the underlying theme of what is an obvious story unfolding.  How will Megan, an American African-American woman, fair as a British royal?

It’s fun to tell the stories about how the ladies are getting along, or in this case how they aren’t getting along.  Sell me a newspaper and let me read about it.  It’s fun to talk about how Megan is bucking Royal tradition.  Tweet the story, let me read about it. It’s fun to say that Prince Harry and his wife are moving out of the palace because personalities aren’t gelling.  It is also profitable.  Let me ask you a question.  Are you ecstatic about having a holiday dinner with your in-laws and cousins?  I know that many of you are answering,”yes, I am ecstatic.”  However, some of you are answering,” no.”  We all have family issues.  I’m guessing the media sells more “the sky is falling” articles than “happy ever after” stories.  So, why not write about a historic difference that has proven to be an attention getter with the added backdrop of the Palace.  Who cares if you are cheering for or against Prince Harry and Megan.  We are still paying attention and asking for more media coverage on Prince Harry and Dutchess Megan. We like drama in our lives. Nothing compares to a little tension and a climatic ending.  If Megan and Kate are having family issues, I wish them the best of luck working out their differences. On the gossip side, I find it interesting how the media portrays Kate and Meghan.  Kate will become Queen.  Meghan is the whirlwind coming into a very different environment trying to adjust to being a royal. I can’t wait to see the movie.

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