Modern Day Slavery in the United States

Just saw on Entertainment Tonight that there was an attack on a black, gay actor.  I went to to look up the story.  I found an article posted by NBC NEWS.  A declaration of MAGA Country was made, per the article, before two men attacked the actor, Ussie Smollett. Prior to reading about the attack on Ussie Smollett, I had

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just finished watching a RedBox movie, Freedom, starring Cuba Gooding.  I was looking for inspiration for writing a premeditated post about slavery.  I did not find the inspiration that I was looking for until reaching the end of the movie.  The movie gave a statistic about present-day slavery. I hadn’t given much thought to present-day slavery because so much happens day-to-day that I normally don’t focus on any given topic long.  At work, I think of nothing but work.  At home, I think about home matters.  But, watching Freedom reminded me that slavery is not an antiquated concept that no longer exists in our world.  In fact, there are over 45 million people living in some form of slavery worldwide.  There are approximately 400,000 plus slaves living in the US.

The attack on Smollett; the stated reasons for the attack suggest that the mentality that supports slavery is active in the minds and actions of some Americans and it reminds me that the mentality is active in the minds and actions of the many citizens of the world community. I personally know about two separate cases where high school girls were abducted and they are believed to have been sold into slavery. My concern about the most recent case-of-abduction haunts me weekly since it happened less than four months ago.

I will continue to build this post this week.

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