Prepare for the Future by Diversifying Your Skills.

I am sitting in a physical therapist’s office with my son, watching him exercise.  He is in therapy for a torn ACL.  He was to play D1 soccer for a high-ranked college, but after his tear, the head soccer coach for the college dumped him like a dog.  It was heartbreaking. My advice to him was that we find out who we really are when we face adversity in our life.  Of course, I was a mad parent. That is my child, but I had to let that storm pass to make it easier for him.  With that being said, this post can go several ways 1) The importance of exercising 2) The importance of tenacity and 3) The importance of having a backup plan.  I am going to go a totally different direction.  I’ll hit all three.  Two preliminary fights, then the main event.  The first two writings will end just as quick as the Mayweather vs. Tenshin fight. 

The recommendation for exercising has changed over the last few years. Remember the standard recommendation that you should exercise thirty minutes a day.  The recommendation is now to do whatever you can, that ten minutes a day is good, that you should finish the week with seventy-five minutes or more of aerobic exercise.  This is good for those of you that stop exercising after ten minutes on your quest to thirty.  You had the right idea all along.  Now that the time investment is minimal; lowering the chance of heart attack, stroke, cancer, and getting those endorphins in your system for a great smile is well within reach.  Passing the exercise topic off to Kristen Stewart.

The importance of having tenacity, rather determination to keep moving forward in life is a great characteristic to have.  Life throws some crappy hands at you sometimes.  How you play the hand determines the outcome for the situation.  My son’s plan to come back from his ACL tear is to do his best to heal properly and walk onto a D1 soccer team.  He has already been admitted to the colleges, he just has to make the team.  If he plays anywhere close to how he played before the injury walking on will be easy for him.  If that does not work he will major in biology. So, when life give you lemons make an Arnold Palmer.  Don’t just settle for lemonade.  I was going to turn you over to Roy Gori for more about tenacity, but My God.  So, I’m turning you over to Marquita Herald

Now for the main event.  Do you diversify your life?  One of the most “ear screeching” goals that I hear from high school and middle school students is that I am going to play professional football or professional basketball.  These goals are great goals, but when you consider the chances of a person playing in either the NFL or the NBA, I always respond with, “make sure you have a backup plan.”  This is the same advice that I give to the players that I know are going to play professionally because they are that good.  If they get hurt before making it to the pros, well what is the plan?  My example is obvious, but there are adults that have the same game plan.  They have one plan and that is it.  If the plan does not work out they are left starting from the beginning.  Smart investors diversify their portfolio, being careful not to put all of their money into one investment.  If one investment  goes south, the fallout is minimized by the performance of the others.  You should do the same with how you plan your daily living and earn your income. Sheila is a project manager, working at a well-known computer company.  Sheila was and is very diversified.  She is a project manager, a real-estate agent, owns rental property, and she owns her own business which someone runs for her.  When her employer released over one thousand workers she was one of them.  The impact on her life was emotional.  Financially, the impact was minimal.  Nothing changed in her life except where she placed her focus for generating income.  Three years later Sheila was working for another big-name computer company as a project manager. 

The benefits of diversifying yourself and your income is that you are less vulnerable to unforeseen change.  My experience with unexpected change was not pleasant.  I had one job.  I lost that one job and you can imagine what I went through.  I maxed my credit cards to survive.  It was not pretty.  I bounced back.  I got a job.  I consolidated my debt.  Things were manageable.  I even invested in a stock that gave me thirty-eight thousand dollars in profit.  I now diversify my income sources.  Life is certain to deal out its cards.  If your hand is a crap hand you have to play it.

Here are a few ways to diversify your income without disrupting your main employment:

  • Become a realtor
  • Sell Insurance
  • Find one of those pyramids, Away, Legal Sheild lawyer networks
  • Start a blog (For me the blog is not going well financially, but it is a lot of fun)
  • Obtain a part-time job
  • Uber and Lyft (To me this option does not generate enough income.  Some swear by it.)
  • Find a work-from-home telemarketer job or the like
  • Start your own business
  • Buy rental properties
  • Buy and sell some item ( flip something using eBay, Amazon, craigslist, etc.)
  • Monetize your skills.  My daughter is a dog sitter.  I tutor students online.
  • Become a wedding planner or photographer
  • Rent out a room in your home

The possibilities for a side income are unlimited.  You have to start the process.  Get off the sideline and diversify yourself.  I recommend three sources of income.  I am personally at four.  I am working on a fifth.  I am a certified loan officer, building my blog,I have a main job, I have a part-time job, and I buy and sell cheap items that I find to peddle.  All in all, I am trying to reach two-thousand or more a month in additional income.  I leave you with a Jay Leno (2016) quote,  “When I was younger, I would always save the money I made working at the car dealership and I would spend the money I made as a comedian.”  You spend like Leno when you have multiple incomes.   

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