The Drummer Boy is Not Alone: Walmart Santa Claus Has a Pure Heart

The story of The Little Drummer Boy takes place in Jerusalem’s dessert, before the birth of Baby Jesus. Aron, an orphan, who hates people, is kidnapped by a man that believes that life is about being rich and making all the money one can make. Aron makes beautiful music with his drum and his kidnapper believes that he can profit from Aaron’s gift. The kidnapper is correct. Aron is an instant success with his audiences. However, Aron suffers from emotional problems that linger from the murder of his parents, the reason he hates people, and the joy of others infuriates him. He does not want to share his musical gift with people. By the end of the movie, Aron finds himself face-to-face with Baby Jesus. Once Aron sees Baby Jesus his heart opens, and he plays his drum. His song is a gift for the newborn baby. Aron’s gift was one of love. He learned that hate is wrong. Love filled his heart. The movie ends with the declaration that the pure in heart will see God.

There is another version of this moral, that gifts from the heart are powerful and pure. Raymond Macdonald Alden’s story Chimes Rang: A Christmas Story, also implies that it is not what you give that makes a gift meaningful, but it is why you give the gift that makes the gift meaningful. The story behind the first Secret Santa deciding to pay off Walmart layaways was shared with the world. Turns out, one night Santa was down on his luck and someone paid for his twenty-dollar meal. He never forgot the gift. The generosity of a cashier that night, deciding to help a person in need, turned into a tradition of giving. There are numerous Secret Santas paying off Walmart Layaway accounts. Both good and evil actions are contagious. The first Secret Santa planted a seed of giving. To the drummer boys that pay off Walmart layaway accounts, keep playing the music. To the unknown Secret Santas that can only afford to pay off one Walmart layaway account, keep placing pieces of silver on the altar. When you open your gift on Christmas Day, whatever the gift is, enjoy it. If it is a Corvette, lucky you, enjoy it. If it is a small, inexpensive gift-I know some of you will get a diamond tomorrow, enjoy it. It is not the size of the gift that matters. What matters is the love behind the gift. When you receive a gift of love you are a blessed individual. There will be someone that opens a gift tomorrow, a spectacular gift, that will be a gift that is secular in nature. They will not feel the excitement that you will feel. Teenagers seem to be exempt from this rule. When my daughter opens her gift box that holds an IPhone in it, I don’t think she is going to care why the phone was given to her, LOL.
Christmas is about the gift of love, a father’s gift of salvation given to the world. I close this post with two images. The Whos in Whoville singing without presents and the sparkle in the eye of a loved one when they see you sharing Christmas Day with them. Yesterday, I attended my aunt’s funeral. She fell out the bed while sleeping and hit her hurt head. There was heavy bleeding around the brain. The incident left her brain-dead. Just like that my family lost a loved one.

It is a wonderful thing to try to give the best gift as the townspeople did so with pride in Raymond’s story. But when you do give such a gift, remember Raymond’s story. The bells rang not with the best gift, but after a gift was given from the heart, a small, unnoticed gift that was placed on the altar. We are always one step away from the end. Having each other is a gift that should not be taken for granted.

Happy Holidays!

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