You Are What You Think

Is it possible that intelligence is a byproduct of creativity and that creativity is a byproduct of attitude?  There is a quote that says your attitude determines your altitude, altitude referring to how successful you are in life.  There is research to support this quote-at least there is research to support that attitude is a variable of being gifted or nongifted.  “Another possible difference between the gifted and nongifted that could account for differences in creative performance is that the gifted hold implicit theories that are different from those previously found in the lay population”, (Wickes & Ward, 2006).  As a society, we place a lot of emphasis on intelligence.  Aside from physical disabilities, when I think about it, the difference between gifted and nongifted can be something as simple as attitude.  Wickes and Ward (2006) state that “research on implicit theories has shown that we hold implicit theories for a wide variety of mental events and that those theories influence our perception of our abilities and the abilities of others for attributes such as affect, intelligence, and achievement.  Could it be that we live up to our high or low expectations for ourselves? Instead of “you are what you eat”, maybe the saying should be “you are what you think”.

Wickes, K. S., & Ward, T. (2006). Measuring Gifted Adolescents’ Implicit Theories of Creativity. Roeper Review, 131.

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